Tofu King 豆腐王!

Punctuation malfunction

Bought this gan dou fu from China town the other day.

Have been trying to find this for ages, and it’s nice to see something made in the UK for once, but at £2.99 (30元) a pack it is very expensive indeed.

What caught my attention though was the English name on the pack,  I couldn’t help but laugh at the rather unfortunate name of the manufacturer…

Seems someone needs to find the space key


Stopped by via the post office on my way into work this morning in order to send some parcels as part of my lastest venture.  Had an interesting conversation with the clerk.  It’s not often you get into these type of conversations in London, usually most people are far too ‘busy’, don’t speak english well enough, or are afraid that you could be one of those axe wielding looney types…

Automatic post office

Clerk: ”You can use those self service machines to post parcels now”

Me : ”Don’t know how”

Just said this hoping she’d be quiet and stop asking me questions,  I wasn’t interested, afterall I was almost being served  now anyway.

Clerk: ‘Its ok someone over there will help you…its quicker’

Not content with my first answer, I gave her my reasons behind not using the machines

Me: ”Yeah that’s as well as maybe,  I’d rather speak to a human being…  Human beings don’t swallow your money or crash

or suddenly decide to not work.  Then when the machines break (and they inevitably do)  you have to  practically prostitute yourself in order to get you money back; you’re forced to fill in claim forms then then (if you’re lucky) will only have to wait 2 months to get your money back  -that’s assuming the cheque isn’t lost in the post…”

Clerk : Obviously didn’t understand a word i just said, still pushing the hard sell ‘ You really should, would save queueing ‘

Me: getting a little annoyed ‘Then the machine goes wrong, eats my parcel, get sent to wrong country etc… complain but get nowhere as it’s a self service machine and therefore the post office can’t be at fault….’
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FTP Hacked!

Somehow my FTP password was hacked and this bit of JavaScript was inserted into all of the index.php files that run this site!

I found out through this email from Google – glad they told me as otherwise I may not have known!


Apparently this hack is a virus which uses stolen FTP password information then injects this bit of code to pages on the server without you realising it.  Where they got my password from I’m not sure, though I suspect it might have been my old work machine.  :reallypissed:

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Mad prices

Just been reading that in London if you earn the average salary and have a £25,000 deposit you can buy a £100,000 based on 3X Income multiple for your mortgage.

This means anyone on the average salary fortunate to have £25,000 in savings can only afford a £100,000 place in london.

Slight problem with this is that unless you wish to live in a ghetto or a camp site, 100K will get you very little indeed. The average price of property in London is  £348,585.  :disdain:

At that rate it’s going to take me 17.49 years if saving, not that I want to buy a house anyway.. :laugh:


Managed to find some content from 2004 that I thought was long gone through the Wayback @!

This is a website that archives content from the web and stores it as it appeared, based on periodic scans by the archive.  It seems to have omitted the images from my sites but has captured all the text.

from original site in y2k!

from original site in y2k!

I had a server issue and lost lots of entries from late 04, but now I’ve re-inserted them via my SQL directly into the DB behind this blog  – so you’d never know they went missing in the first place!

Also found some really old stuff from 2000 from my first webpage and some Northumberland road stuff that I thought disappeared years ago!

12 northumberland road!

12 northumberland road!