Don’t usually bother doing anything with his page as I have nny own domain, but as i cant get into my website any more here’s an update. 
So finally, I am coming home -allbeit for only a few weeks, will be back on the 25th. 
 I’m writing this from a netbar at Beijing Airport, waiting until midnight when i’ll go and board.  It’s kind of strange, the internet cafe is upstairs, hidden away and totally empty.  I was expecting to be charged a ton of money but its actually reasonable if you consider this is beijing airport.  I paid 50 yuan  for use of a very stylish laptop until midnight, which is oa total of over 4.5 hours. 
The deal is this: I buy a ‘drink’, in my case a glass of green tea and they charge 50yuan for the tea. In return I can stay here as long as I like.
 So it works out at a little over 10 yuan an hour which isn’t that bad and it beats  sitting on the cold floor like most of the other people waiting for their flights to come in. 
Anyway I think I ought to go and find this flight, before I fall asleep and miss it!

Happy New Year

Just managed to get back into this site after the Chinese internet meltdown. Its amazing how an earthquake far, far away near Taiwan can have such a huge influence on the internet connections up here in dongbei. For the last week all sites not on Chinese servers have been almost inaccessible to people with connections on China Telecom or China Netcom -which is almost everyone outside the educationet.

MSN doesn’t work and keeps on crashing my computer! Apparently, some underwater cables were damaged but its amazing just how crippled the system has become here in Changchun. Ironically, my ultra-slow university connection is seemingly unaffected and so I still have access to at least my email! 🙂