Bad Joke

If 50 European cars can fit into a car park and 30 American cars into a car park –

How many Chinese cars can fit into a car park? 

















Answer: 2. One to block the entrance and one to block the exit.

I thought this was funny anyway – so true!

initial thoughts!

Ah , this computer cant read hanzi so here’s an english post: 
some initial thoughts I wrote aftewr just getting back-
  The Smell, no people, accents, langauge, different skin colours,  no characters to read, expensive, coins,  signs telling you what you can’t do everywhere, fat people , slang,  quiet, clean air, green, fashion, quaint, not enough staff, too soft bed ,  wealth,  strange music, familiar yet not quite right,  tired, kind of scary, different, interesting, odd, weird,  happy,  insular, authentic, modern and old,  sunny but not hot, safe,  exhausted and  excited!


我今天坐D车回到长春。 这个是又新又快的车, 只有6个小时到北京。 我通常坐飞机因为快可是现在我认为这个车更好一点。
在英国我们也有这个车但是很贵。 比汽车还贵,是最贵的交通工具。。。


我去内蒙古呼兰浩特看成吉思汗的故乡。 但是那个地方和我想像中的不一样。 只剩下了一点点的文化古迹。

我们在呼兰浩特吃羊肉串和啤酒。 那个地方的士是小面包真有意思啊, 然后我们去了齐齐哈尔。 在齐齐哈尔那天晚上我们刚进旅店就下起了大雨。 我们顶大雨去超市

第二天回家因为我有课。 如果我有时间我想往北走的更远些


我住在长春两年多可是有那么多的地方我还没有去过。 这个是在吉塔照的照片,登上吉塔看长春觉得长春非常小。


出乎意料的我只有两个月在长春了,才开始写博客! 但是迟到总比不做得好 – better late than never!  我想尽可能的多做一些事情,练习我的汉语。 我要试着天天在这里写。
我今天下午去南湖了,天气很热, 人太多了。 可是我为有空闲的时间而感到高兴。 我认为那是个很好的教室, 下周我去那学习。 


Don’t usually bother doing anything with his page as I have nny own domain, but as i cant get into my website any more here’s an update. 
So finally, I am coming home -allbeit for only a few weeks, will be back on the 25th. 
 I’m writing this from a netbar at Beijing Airport, waiting until midnight when i’ll go and board.  It’s kind of strange, the internet cafe is upstairs, hidden away and totally empty.  I was expecting to be charged a ton of money but its actually reasonable if you consider this is beijing airport.  I paid 50 yuan  for use of a very stylish laptop until midnight, which is oa total of over 4.5 hours. 
The deal is this: I buy a ‘drink’, in my case a glass of green tea and they charge 50yuan for the tea. In return I can stay here as long as I like.
 So it works out at a little over 10 yuan an hour which isn’t that bad and it beats  sitting on the cold floor like most of the other people waiting for their flights to come in. 
Anyway I think I ought to go and find this flight, before I fall asleep and miss it!