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Most of the blacklists you can find on the web need to be taken with a pich of salt. I find them generally not very useful as the whole idea of a blacklist is quite subjective.

One person may find a location a complete filthy shambles, whereas someone else may see it as being perfectly acceptable. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion It’s just that it seems that many of the complaints I see are simply problems with the visitor not being able to adapt to, understand or cope with the sitiation. Complaints about the noise and dirt outside or the smells from the drains seldom have anything to do with the employer.

One must understand, this is not back home. It is different here.

You also find quite a lot of mallicious posts on the web from former employes with an axe-to-grind and so it can be hard to distinguish the facts from the way things really are.
However in saying this, there are some very, very nasty operators out there that need to be exposed.

The below recruiting companies – despite being allowed to hire foreigners legally – are to be avoided at all costs:

吉林省长春市 四达国际教育 sìdá guójì jiāoyù

Jilin Star International Education Institution / Changchun Star Education.
电话:0431-8678755、8678766 传真:0431-8678733 邮编:130021

Address: 21ST Floor, No.1 District, Building B, Changchun
International Trade Center, No.810 Jiefang Road,
Changchun, Jilin Province, P.R.China
Tel: 0431 8678755、8678766 Email contact

see these posts for more


Jilin Province (TS) Tianshuo Education Exchange/TS Education/ Changchun Education Language.

Address: Room 1004 Unit C of the 21st Century International Business Main Building. No. 338 Jiefang Road, Changchun City, Jilin Province, P.R.C.

Tel: 0431 8921622 Email contact:

Also, I will add the following university with which I had many serious problems over not being given vacation pay – despite the contract saying to the contrary.

Jilin University, School of Foreign Language Education , Qianjin Street, Changchun.

吉林大学公共外语教育学院, 长春市前进大街2699号, 130012

Or any job through employed through the Jida Foreign Affairs Office,  based in the friendship hotel. (友谊会馆) This does not include the Lampeter college at Jida which has a different arrangement.   The FAO at Jida is to be avoided, despite the ‘good-reputation’ of the uni, they on a par with Star Education in terms of dishonesty and lying.

6 thoughts on “Blacklist 黑名单

    • Watch out for this fraud company named Jilin Golden Age Education Limited. Her name is Liu Limei (Linda) from Changchun who will process your work permit, make you come all the way to Changchun, post you to a school that is already blacklisted and you will be shocked at the fact that she had even bought you a fake degree which you were not aware of. Once you arrive she will insist on keeping your passport in the pretext of using it to process your resident permit but will end up keeping it for a year for illegal activities. Furthermore only after you arrive in Changchun she will insist you pay 5000 rmb for your permit and pay 2000 rmb for your accomodation deposit. She is a scam artist ..A wolf in sheep’s clothing!!!

      • This is the same Linda who ran Star education all those years ago. I recall they tried to use my passport to buy a car in my name (and so exploit an expat tax break), naturally I refused. They also tired to keep passports and did not have the right to hire via Z visas. Ended up at the People’s square PSB Office when her fraud was exposed, net result was I had a week to find another company to sponsor me and she paid a bribe to the police.

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the info contained on this site; it is quite helpful. Not sure if you are still around.
    However, do you know if the black listed ” Jilin University, School of Foreign Language Education , Qianjin Street, Changchun” is the same university as “Jilin University – Lambton College, website:, 452 Guigu Street, Changchun City, Jilin Province”?
    I have an interview with JULC next week.
    Thanks in any case.
    All the best,

  2. I have been talking to “jilin injoy education” . From the research Ive done, it seems that they might be the same as Tianshuo and younovo. Would like to have that confirmed.

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