Name and Shame

I feel that this has to be said, I don’t want others going through what I have experienced, and if this can help then great. All of this information is based upon what has happened to me. It is fact.

Jilin Province Star Education Consulting Co.,Ltd.

Room 1606,
Bank of China Building,
Block A , No.727
Xi’an Road
Jilin Province

Jilin Province Star Education Consulting Co.,Ltd is a legitimte agent
recuruiting foreign teachers for education providers in northeastern China’s
Jilin Province. –Taken from one of their advertisements

Not true.

The truth is that they are impersonating this company: Jilin Star International Education Institution These people ARE legal, and have a good reputation – and in a ironic twist of fate are now trying to help me get a visa!

They are infact Totally Illegal. You will deal with a woman called ‘Linda’ and she is as bent as a nine bob note. Never in my whole life, have I met such a serial liar. You will start to get suspicious after a few weeks of working, after her lies start to contradict one another.

There are criminal elements within this organisation. I have reason to believe that this organisation is all about getting foreign passports, and using them to do things illegally. I know that they are used to buy cars (with or without your consent!) and that this could get YOU in serious trouble. I have been told (by someone in the know) because the car has been bought using your details, if it is re-registered (i.e. sold) – YOU are liable to pay back the tax saved. This can be a serious amount of money, especially if the car costs 100K US and 20% is saved.
This does not include things such as; what happens if the car hits someone and they are killed. I’ve been reliably told that YOU would be the fall guy for this, and based on the my last few weeks experience, I can believe it. So Beware. Many foreigners, stupid foreigners in my eyes, actually do this. They are offered 2000RMB, yes 2000RMB!! for doing this. This makes me think, no-wonder these organisations flourish, if idiotic, money driven foreigners are willing to do this for 2000RMB, which is £142 Sterling.

I believe that this is the tip of the iceberg, and there are many other things (that I don’t know about) that are being done using passports. (I can’t prove this of course, and even if i could it wouldn’t make a difference!)

You will never actually meet the real people who run this organisation, they’ re shady and highly connected in Changchun. Furthermore, I have learned that the man who runs this business is the brother of the president of the city – serious guanxi. No wonder I got screwed by the police.
So I warn anyone that is considering doing business with these people; DO NOT . They will lie and lie and lie, and try to gain your trust; show you fake documents backing up their cause; however, they have NO authority to hire foreigners.
It’s funny, almost all of the people that I have spoken to about this, recommend that I leave the city. Provinces, and cities (to an extent) in China, are fiefdoms. They have massive, arbitrary powers – and can act with total impunity. However I don’t want to leave the city, not just yet anyway!


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