Bus fight

I can’t sleep, it’s 3am.

Saw a fight on the bus today. A woman and a man came to blows over a seat, the woman who had a young child was unhappy that the man took the free seat from under her nose. This is not the first time I have seen this on the bus, however this time, the driver stopped the bus and got involved.

The man was basically being an arsehole, yet nobody was willing to help the woman and her child.

I felt sorry for the woman and her child, if the man had an ounce of decency he wouldn’t have pushed them out of the way to get the seat. Anyway a fight of sorts ensued, lots of swearing and bad words exchanged. Strangely – and I have noticed this diference in China – everyone (about 25 people) on the bus just stood back and watched, as if nothing was happening. As if you turn your back and you can’t see it, it’s not happening – so there is no problem. Like how a 5 year old child thinks.

Naturally, I felt as if i should do something, but i refrained from getting inolved. This is because I have heard some horrible tales of foreigners getting involved in disputes like this and ending up being rounded upon by the others. So I will never get involved in any sort of dispute that doesn’t initially involve me, even though it is against the way I would normally do things.

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